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IMC Teddy
About Us
Sefi Fabricators manufactures high quality stainless steel equipment for a variety of industries, including Labs, Commercial & Residential Kitchens, Architectural and OEM Customers.
In the 1990's, the company began modernizing its equipment and purchased a turret press and later added a laser cutting system, a CNC bending machine as well as CAD/CAM.
From the Amityville, NY facility, Sefi manufactures products for all its customers and is a proud member of NSF International, AutoQuotes and through the IMC Teddy line, a member of NAFEM.

Sefi Fabricators is affiliated with the following Brands:

IMC Teddy - Hand Sinks, Utility Sinks, Floor Troughs & Gratings, Floor Pans, Mobile Shelving Systems, Cabinets, and Carts.

Hudson FoodService Equipment - Custom Fabrications, Modular Serving Systems (Hot and Cold Buffet Lines), Tables, Sinks, Vent Hoods and Casework.

Bayonne Stainless Products - Military and Navy Shipboard food service display and dispensing equipment.  Includes Cold Food Counters, Hot Food Tables, Prep Tables, Refrigerated Display and storage units, Tray & Rack Dispensers, Tableware & Silverware Dispensers, Tray Bussing Racks on casters for mobility.

Dietary Systems - Meal Delivery System for Patient Room and Nursing Home applications including Food Tray Make-Up Conveyors, Heated Dispensers, Basket & Tray Dispensers, and Food Tray Transport Carts all on casters for mobility and designed to deliver hot meals where needed in the facility.

The combined brands offer a large choice of equipment to Consultants, Architects, Dealers, Military and Healthcare customers.

Sefi and the associated brands are known for high quality American made ONLY products. The products can be customized to suit specific conditions and new products and ideas are constantly explored for a suitable addition to our brands of products.
SEFI Fabricators